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Module 1

  • The secret of using nail drill by the non-dominant hand
  • Eliminate common mistakes that cause danger to nail grooves
  • Rotational speed and torque
  • Perfect removal of the epithelium
  • How to mattify nail plate with a nail drill
  •  The rubber and clock technique

Module 2

  • Why are chemistry and physics in nail styling so important?
  • Proper nail plate preparation is a success for the nails extension
  • A Secret product which helps to extend nails very quickly
  • Nails extension with the non-dominant hand

Module 3

  • Nails shaping and The basic four shanks of the file
  • The basic rule for planning the length of the nails
  • The technique of appropriate polishing
  • How to deal with flooded cuticles
  • Teaspoon, cigarette, knife - what they have in common?

Module 4

  • Gel polish and Topcoat application. 
  • How to apply gel polish under the nail fold?
  • Why some of colours wrinkles?
  • How to work with a thin brush with non dominate hand?
  • How to protect the free edges of the nails?
  • Why the topcoat is changing gel polish colour? 

Module 5

  • Removal old nails stylisation using nail drill
  • How to properly shorten the nails?
  • Infill nails after 3-4 weeks
  • How to improve the shape of the nails after refilling?
  • Free nail edge and fine hairline - What they have in common? 

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French Nails pained non-dominant hand

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 Nail Art painted non-dominant hand

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Summer Ombre Nail Art painted non-dominant hand

BONUS 4 - free
A certificate confirming the completion of the course

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Standard Price: £697
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BUY NOW for £197 or pay in 3 Instalments
3 x £65.66

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