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How to make a beautiful Ombre using cheap gel polishes in a few minutes

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Sorry, but this is true...

Let's not hide that a nail stylist who can't make a nice ombre has much less chance of appearing on the market nowadays. Ombre is the basis, which is a must-have for every stylist. If you are struggling with making Ombre - your client will find another nail stylist. 

The market will verify who will stay on it and who will pack up. That's the reality

Unfortunately, a lot of nail stylists still can't make a proper Ombre in their salon. What follow? They lose money, lose in the eyes of the client, and then complain about the lack of it. And with the competition, the door doesn't close.

If you are still here...

I suspect that you've tried ombre decorating more than once and you're not entirely satisfied with it.

What could be the reason?

Maybe your ombre doesn't have a smooth transition

- Maybe there are streaks and stains

- Maybe you can't handle the bubbles that appear on the surface

Don't worry...

Before I discovered the correct blending technique, my ombre looked like spilled spots on the nail. The shame in front of the client was indescribable.

My name is Natalia Korol and I am the founder of - Modern Nails Academy.
On a daily basis, I train future nail stylists in the UK. 

My mission is to share my passion offering high quality Nail Courses which will provide my students with innovative methods and the latest technique

You're wrong...

You're probably thinking that I've always painted an ombre with my eyes closed. And here I have to surprise you. 

Nail art has never been my strong point, it has always caused me the most difficulties in all nail styling.
Unfortunately, not all of us are born with artistic talent, which is why I am an example that everyone is able to learn to paint beautiful nail art despite the fact that it lacks the skills.

Is it difficult to make an ombre on nails?

YES and NO. The most important thing is to know the correct technique of color blending, so that the colors flow smoothly and do not create streaks.

I know how to successfully pass my technique on to other students.
Already after the first day of training with ombre, they are able to perform beautiful and effective works. 

See for yourself what their ombre looks like - the students did the ombre first time in their lives!

If your Ombre now looks like on the pictures below:

But you want it to look like that...

There is NOTHING in the way to achieve this!!!

Be one step ahead of others and don't let yourself be eliminated from the market!!!

How to do it?

I have prepared for you 2 types of training loaded with knowledge and practice, which were recorded very close so that you can see all my movements. 

During the training: 

You will learn how to correctly mix colors and why combining some colors with each other makes no sense.
I will tell you the difference between horizontal and vertical ombre and how to do it both of them.
I will show you 3 types of products worth using when making an ombre
Does cheaper mean worse? Not in this case. I will prove that you can make beautiful ombre with cheap gel polishes
I will show you how to work with products from cheaper companies as well as those from the higher shelf.
I will show you two magic top coats that will forever change your approach to ombre
I will show you how to prepare an ombre background which you can use for any nail art types
I will tell you about the most common mistakes made by nails stylist during the making of ombre
I will teach you how to make an ombre with two different methods and you will decide which method is right for you, although I am pretty sure that you will love them both.

The Ombre Training you can buy in 2 Options:

Choose one of the options

and join our satisfied students


- How to blend 2 and more colors
- 2 methods of blending colors
- 3 types of products that help you to make the ombre
- Beautiful Ombre by cheap gel polishes
- Vertical and Horizontal ombre
- Ombre with pastel colors with particles in gel polish

                                  * * *

* You can Pay in 30 days or 3 interest-free installments *

Value £97 

Today's price is £37


Everythink from standard version

- How to blend 2 and more colors
- 2 methods of blending colors
- 3 types of products that help you to make the ombre
- Beautiful Ombre by cheap gel polishes
- Vertical and Horizontal ombre
- Ombre with pastel colors with particles in gel polish


- You will receive a BABYBOOMER training
- You will receive RED and Black Ombre training
- I will show you 2 magic Top Coats
- You will find out about the most common nail stylist's mistakes during making ombre
- You will receive a Certificate pdf
- Work Analyze - I will let you know what you are doing wrong and help you with it. 

Value £167

Today's Price is £57

* You can Pay in 30 days or 3 interest-free installments *

I promise that if you put my methods into practice, I GUARANTEE great results and that you will be proud of your work.

So there's nothing to wait for. Summer is just around the corner, so let's get to work

Click which course options you choose, standard or premium, and we'll see you in a minute.
See you soon Xx

Natalie Korol

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